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On behalf of the Board of Directors of Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation, I am pleased to present our Five - Year Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Our plan was the creation of the many consultation sessions we have had with Pays Plat First Nation Chief and Council, community members, employees, funders and other community partners.

We are facing a new economy, with many opportunities in our region that is different from our previous generations. This new direction is changing the approach in which Pays Plat First Nation conducts business and as a result necessitates a clear plan that upholds our values while promoting economic development.


This economic development strategic plan outlines the processes we will follow as explore opportunities and continue to work on progress we have already made. This plan will include to continued work with the Pays Plat First Nation Chief and Council, community members and other local businesses and municipalities. This plan will lay the groundwork for the continued success for the next seven generations.


Thank you to all who have provided input during the planning process. Our new economic development strategic plan will serve as guideline to ensure the prosperous future for Pays Plat First Nation while maintaining the integrity of our traditional values and way of life.



Ginny Michano

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